An Excerpt from “Convergence of Styles in David Dutcher’s Novel “Whitelighters for April” as a Phenomenon of Intertextuality Nelly A. Brazhkina, Tamara I. Leontieva Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia”

“April, breathe!” the nurse cried, pounding April between the shoulder blades. “Breathe, dammit!” She had tried to give April mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but the airway was blocked – no air would go into April’s lungs. Turning April onto her back, she placed the palm of her right hand just below her diaphragm, placed her left hand on top of her right and pressed down. She repeated the maneuver three times. There was no response. The nurse quickly turned April onto her side again and repeated the blows between the shoulder blades, all the time commanding her to breathe, but April’s body was limp and her color was turning from purple to ashen”. [6, p.187]

The given extract is a bright example of convergence of styles. It represents a scene in which the author employs colloquial language typical of emotive prose with the elements of scientific prose style. The author’s discourse concentrates on the nurse’s actions and the state of April.


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